Monday, June 8, 2009

oh the things i will do....

June_09 069
Well, I mentioned the many projects and ideas i have swirling in my head...well here goes on the list and maybe this will hold me accountable to getting them done by the end of the summer. I went to my FAVORITE place Farmhouse Fabrics in Beech Island, SC i wrote about it here 2 years ago (and only like 10 posts ago which is REALLY horrible...i promise i will be better)
Anyway, they have grown so much since then and have SOOOOO much stuff. I recommend going with a list:) Since they really are not a store and do most business by the internet they don't have regular store hours...they have started an opening their doors the first Friday of each month from 9-3. So i dropped the kids off at grandmas (THANKS GRANDMA) and went on my merry way.
Well worth the 1 hr. 45 min drive from Columbia.
Here are some of the things i got...and the projects to start. They have started their own line of rickrack bias, bias tape, and piping. Sally(the owner) is so resourceful and thought all of the fabric they carry needs matching notions and she went about having it manufactured. So no more making your own bias, which can be time consuming for the stay at home mom who has trouble fitting in sewing to begin with!!!!
SO here are my finds....i wanted to buy so much husband is happy i didn't:)

In the morning, G
And so the fun begins

4th of July projects ...Can't wait to make a dress and johnjohns. MMMMM!

Baby Blanket Blank (can't wait to embroider something on this oh so soft blanket.

Planning on a flouncy little top for with this beautiful bit of lawn fabric

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