Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fruit and Crayons!

fruitandcrayons, originally uploaded by geisele.

Eliza and I were sitting at the table eating fruit and she was drawing and it just struck me as a a neat juxtaposition of little hands drawing (a thank you note) and eating yummy summer fruit. She loves to draw "inbitations" for me, her bears, her brother, and any one else. What crayons, a piece of paper, and an envelope will do for a little mind. (oh, and the fruit.) And the fruit is being served in my mom's pottery...she is amazingly talented.

in the morning....g

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Going Away Present

We went to a going away party for a couple that are old friends of ours last night, and I wanted to do something special and handmade as a going away present... custom designed Notecards of course! My friend is so sad that they had to sell their house, and one of the many reasons is they have tons of Gardenias that surround the house, so I thought it was appropo that I illustrate a gardenia and put it on notecards, with envelopes with their new address. Of course it was wrapped in custom designed gardenia wrapping paper. What fun! Anyway that is all for now.

Oh and the little model had an accident (we are still potty training!) on her new outfit before I was able to take pics, so when it comes out of the wash (hopefully it fares well:) I will get pics of the whole thing, I added cute shorts in coordinated fabric to the ensemble.

In the Morning...--G

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Creation!

Here is the my creation! I worked on this all yesterday and I think it turned out well, minus a few imperfections( being self-taught, I never really learned the "proper" way to do things and sometimes it shows...will be taking some classes to remedy this situation:):))....But being imperfect leads to "Happy Accidents"...and Thank goodness for happy accidents I thrive on them, I think some of the best design (not that I am saying this a masterpiece by any means!!!) comes from "Happy Accidents!" Things that I love about it are the sash, super long so it can wrap around twice and tie in the front or the back, and the yo yos. I will post pictures later on the model, but she is "oh! so sick" today, so these pic will have to suffice.

A funny story about the yo, yos (how to make them here Heather Baily's YO YO tutorial)...

I was at the kitchen table making them, when Eliza came in to see what I was doing...she said "what are you making?? Yo Yo's???"...How did she know that! I have no idea how she knew what they were, but she did know that is what they looked like! So they are definitely named appropriately, because if a 3 year old knows what they are and doesn't have to ask,
well then, there ya go.

Enjoy the pics, I have the sewing bug again.

See ya in the morning...--G

Monday, June 2, 2008

Ready, Set, Sew!

I bought some new fabric today, (Heather Baily and Amy Butler) and some coordinating cottons. I am dusting off the sewing machine and getting ready to sew Eliza a new little outfit!!! Too bad so many of my favorite fabrics are not condusive to little boy clothes or Ben would be getting some too...luckily boys don't care as much as girls (he,he). Anyway, I am going to do something ruffly. Since I haven't sewn anything in such a long time, and Eliza has grown so much since I have (4T i can't believe it.) I bought a few new patterns, which I am notorious for changing around...if I was better at making my own patterns I would, maybe someday. So, we will see...going to cut everything out tonight and sew tomorrow.

I will keep you posted on my progress.

In the morning...

Friday, May 30, 2008

Why Morning Glory???

I always get the question "why Morning Glory". Well it comes from my mother....every night when I was a child she would say "see you in the Morning Glory!" and every morning she would say "Get up in the Morning Glory!" so it was a phrase I became very aware of and say to my children now. Morning Glorys are flowers that bloom in the morning and fade in the afternoon, but keep blooming day after day. Morning Glorys were all over the arbor at my husbands and my wedding site, serendipity to me. Morning Glorys have just popped up a lot in my life. The word to me makes me think of getting up and going and doing, that you always have another day, that you can be beautiful in the morning fade in the afternoon, but that there is always another day to be beautiful. Morning Glory makes me smile, and last of all I always think of my Mom, who cultivated my creativity from a young age, is my biggest fan and cheerleader, is always there to listen to my latest and craziest ideas, and will love me regardless. So there you have it, the meaning behind the madness!

See ya in the Morning...