Sunday, October 7, 2007

ribbon, ribbon and more ribbon

Picture taken by me.

To those that know me, I am always on the hunt for beautiful ribbon and fabric. Unlike big cities that have places to go and browse for such luxuries, we don't have much here in South Carolina. (at leas that I know of.) And Michaels and JoAnnes...well they are good for some things, but for Swiss Satin, taffeta ribbon, beautiful vintage fabrics, just can't find it. I always have to order online. I am a tactile person that likes to feel things before I buy them, so buying online is always a gamble. Well I came across a site the other day, and their address was very close to my home town. So I went on a hunt...and was surprised to find that there IS a great place in South Carolina. FarmHouse Fabrics in Beech Island, who would have thunk it.

Farmhouse Fabrics is online company that sells vintage fabric, ribbon, buttons, etc. etc. It is not a retail store, but they will sell to the public, please call first. I was in ribbon heaven, I could touch and feel so many things I had only seen online. I found this beautiful French Ribbon in the colors of Chez Paperie, it is gorgeous, if only I had known sooner...

Sally(the owner) couldn't have been more welcoming and her business is doing very well, it seems there are many people through out the US and abroad that are like me and at a loss for such nice notions. So if you are in the neighborhood of Beech Island, SC (the home of James Brown!) or you want to stop by the are sure to find something fabulous.


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