Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Typecase to Threadcase.



In the last issue of Sew Hip Magazine, they had an article on one of my favorite Pattern Designers Oliver + S. They showed pics of her studio and she had a wooden case holding some of her thread. Since letterpress is one of my artistic endeavors, I have a few old typecases hanging around. I decided to use one of them to hold some of my thread. This way I can see it out, it is more accessable, and it is also colorful and graphic on an otherwise VERY drab wall. I can also show my husband that I ALWAYS find a way to use things that I buy and stash away. He just has to put up with the stashing part until I find an appropriate home for my finds!

This is a little sneak peak into the studio, but until I find a way to make it look less "basementesque" this might be all you see for a while:)

I have a few ideas up my sleeve to make it cozier, it is just finding the time...imagine that!

sewing 019

And in case you are wondering what is holding my scissors in such a nice way, that is an antique flower frog...usually hold flowers in vases, but in this case the flower are scissors! Scissor Frog!


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