Thursday, July 16, 2009

A sketchbook confession!

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My sketchbook at the park in a tree!

My Sketchbook lying in a bed of Creeping Jenny.

All designers have a sketchbook, RIGHT? They sketch wherever they go, to keep ideas written down. Their sketchbooks are literally bursting at the seams, a treasure trove of ideas, inspiration, etc. When they have a block, they can always go to their handydandy sketchbook for inspiration, b/c they have everything written down, sketched....


I have a confession to make...I have many sketchbooks and rarely write in them, I usually grab them to write the occasional phone number or grocery list (you can grab any of my books, and see what i got at the store on any random day.) I sketch when I HAVE to, but I very rarely "sketch" for fun. I think it is because i don't have a sketchbook that inspires mind has been bursting with ideas lately and I can't keep them all straight...


I marched down to my local stationer Jot owned, by talented graphic designer Tara Felder, (if you haven't been in her store you must go she has great taste and really awesome things in her store. In case you are wondering the sketchbook is by ELUM.

I have started sketching, during the day, night, and at the park, whenever an idea strikes me....and i must say it is LIBERATING.

I can only show you the outside, b/c I am a bit shy of my sketches at the moment, but isn't it loverly.

In the morning, G

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mom said...

You have inspired me. I'm going to start keeping a sketchbook as well -- as soon as I get one as pretty as yours :-)