Saturday, July 25, 2009

All Local Farmers Market Goodness

local goodness

Every Saturday we have the All Local Farmers Market at 701 Whaley Street (an awesome old refurbished building in the heart of Olympia, in Columbia, SC) Where they "promise no bananas". This morning we went out and bought a couple of things...I only had $10 so we bought potatoes, whole wheat aristan bread made by Heather's Artisan Bakery, and 3 sunflowers from Floral and Hardy Farm. one for me, E, and B...they got to pick out their flower (fowler...B's word) and pay for it.

I love the new look of the Market and wish it much continued success, I know I am glad we have it EVERY Saturday now!

Off to make some tomato pie!

In the Morning,


Katie Runnels said...

so glad to find you! thanks for sharing this...I must get down there soon! xoxo

Morning Glory said...

it is certainly worth the trip into town.

Anonymous said...

love farmers' markets and I just love your image that go along with this. Thanks for sharing!

mom said...

Maybe the Farmer's Market could use you to "market" them :-) I loved the colors and images.