Sunday, August 16, 2009

I can do matra!

Ruffle Top
Please ignore the wrinkles, I just got out of the car!
and the photography isn't my best.

So I decided that I was going to make something for myself the other day. Of course I am not a big planner, and didn't have a pattern, or fabric that was especially inspiring, but when I get something in my mind, I can't get it out.

The inspiration for this sudden urge to make something for myself came from our Asheville trip...I had popped into JCrew and I saw this top for $98 and I thought. I can do that! I tend to say that about alot of things. So I just jumped in and sewed one for myself. This is the first rendition of many. It fits fairly well, There are a few things that i will change for the next one. I wore it with white pants and yellow shoes. (don't have a pic of that but hey, can only do so much)

What do you think?

The next one will be out of Dupioni silk with a silk ribbon trim...I think will be perfect for the fall.

In the morning,

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