Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Creation!

Here is the my creation! I worked on this all yesterday and I think it turned out well, minus a few imperfections( being self-taught, I never really learned the "proper" way to do things and sometimes it shows...will be taking some classes to remedy this situation:):))....But being imperfect leads to "Happy Accidents"...and Thank goodness for happy accidents I thrive on them, I think some of the best design (not that I am saying this a masterpiece by any means!!!) comes from "Happy Accidents!" Things that I love about it are the sash, super long so it can wrap around twice and tie in the front or the back, and the yo yos. I will post pictures later on the model, but she is "oh! so sick" today, so these pic will have to suffice.

A funny story about the yo, yos (how to make them here Heather Baily's YO YO tutorial)...

I was at the kitchen table making them, when Eliza came in to see what I was doing...she said "what are you making?? Yo Yo's???"...How did she know that! I have no idea how she knew what they were, but she did know that is what they looked like! So they are definitely named appropriately, because if a 3 year old knows what they are and doesn't have to ask,
well then, there ya go.

Enjoy the pics, I have the sewing bug again.

See ya in the morning...--G

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mom said...

Very Cute!! I want to see it on the model!