Friday, May 30, 2008

Why Morning Glory???

I always get the question "why Morning Glory". Well it comes from my mother....every night when I was a child she would say "see you in the Morning Glory!" and every morning she would say "Get up in the Morning Glory!" so it was a phrase I became very aware of and say to my children now. Morning Glorys are flowers that bloom in the morning and fade in the afternoon, but keep blooming day after day. Morning Glorys were all over the arbor at my husbands and my wedding site, serendipity to me. Morning Glorys have just popped up a lot in my life. The word to me makes me think of getting up and going and doing, that you always have another day, that you can be beautiful in the morning fade in the afternoon, but that there is always another day to be beautiful. Morning Glory makes me smile, and last of all I always think of my Mom, who cultivated my creativity from a young age, is my biggest fan and cheerleader, is always there to listen to my latest and craziest ideas, and will love me regardless. So there you have it, the meaning behind the madness!

See ya in the Morning...

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